One thought on “AS 204 : SLOW is the word

  1. Hi Jenna, Darcy, and Alex! I absolutely love this resource! It’s great professional development that I can obtain while working on other daily tasks as well. I had a question about this specific podcast. I noticed that it was October when this was posted and that you guys said your beginners were not playing the full instrument as of yet. What is the timeline on how you get your beginners started? When do you test the students on the different instruments (instrument testing, instrument fitting, instrument petting zoo, etc.)? Do you guys have a beginner camp during the summer to get started? Do the kids all have instruments and know what instrument they will be playing on the first day of school? The reason I ask is that we do our instrument testing in May for the following year. We then have a beginner camp for a week right before school starts back, during which a lot of the things talked about in this podcast are covered. On the first day of school, they all already have their instrument and know what instrument they are playing, so by the second or third week of school, we are using the full instrument. I guess my question is how long is it from the time the students all know what instrument they are playing and have their instruments until they actually begin playing the full instrument? I LOVE this overall philosophy of being this detailed and insistent right from the beginning with these fundamental concepts. Thanks so much!


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