In this episode we talk about what beginner fundamentals we are focusing on this semester and planning when to approach them with each of our classes.

Fundamentals to be addressed:

  • scales
  • dynamics
  • staccato
  • legato
  • vibrato
  • tuning
  • trombone slurs
  • Remingtons
  • enharmonics
  • new rule (stagger breathing)
  • range extension
  • recognizing keys
  • 2 count breaths

6 thoughts on “AS 214 : Beginner Fundamentals Timeline

  1. Around minute 22, you said you introduce almost everything with “I play/You play”. Is there a time when you introduce certain rhythms that way? Say, for example, a hemiola in 6/8 (two tied eighths/two tied eighths/two tied eighths) or dotted eighth/sixteenth tied to eighth/eighth?

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