2 thoughts on “AS 403 : Staph Development

  1. Yes! My voice is CONSTANTLY tired. I am a middle school band director, but I also teach elementary music so I sing a lot and I also talk over my metronome. I have a sore throat and horse voice all the time. This is only my third year teaching, and the last two years have been particularly worse. I am seeing an ENT to get it checked out, but I also have really bad post nasal drip from my allergies so my throat is also sore on top of my vocals being strained. I talked to my administration after listening to this podcast and they are ordering me a Redcat classroom audio system which is awesome! Thank you for talking about this! It helped me get the idea and be okay with using a microphone for my own sake, not because I don’t have control of my classroom.

    1. I LOVE this. 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to get some support from your admin after this episode! My life is CHANGED for real from using the microphone. I’m only sad it’s taken me so long to start using one!

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