One thought on “AS 408 : Critical Listening

  1. The frustration with getting mass communication home is a challenge for many. As an elementary principal over a decade ago, I used a Blogger blog and encouraged the parents to “subscribe” by going to the blog once and putting their email address in the sign-up. From that moment on, every time I posted soemthing new, the parents got the information in an email. Plus, a parent could go to the blog and see all of the previous communication.

    Today, Smore is a great tool. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are other affordable options. They all give you the ability to see who has opened the communication and who has not.

    Regardless of the tool, consistency is the key. One of the challenges parents face is random communication from so many directions. Pick a day of the week and send communication that same day every week. If something comes up and doesn’t make this week’s communication, resist the tempation to fire off something else; let it wait until next week. Each of the platforms mentioned will allow you to schedule a date and time when the email sends. On the day the communication goes out, mention something about it during class to arouse curiosity among the students. The following day, mention something else about it in class. Parents come to expect that if it’s Tuesday at 4:44PM, the band communiction is going to wind up in their email.

    Sending mass emails through regular email is tricky at best. When en email is sent to large number of people via bcc, the chances of it winding up in spam increase greatly. A tool made for mass email is a much better route. Hope this helps.

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