No seriously… There might be some good information in this episode, but this is the last time we do a dad gum episode over Zoom. You are going to feel like you are IN Jenna’s mouth or at the very least sitting on her upper lip. TJ’s is audio okay, and Darcy’s microphone (despite being on with levels checked ahead of time) RECORDED NOTHING! Zero things. I Levelated the crud out of this episode to make it palatable (not enjoyable, just lightly tolerable), but it is comically bad. In fact, the only reason I bothered to post it is because it is SO bad it made me giggle a little after I stopped cussing, and I have cussed enough for several weeks in the span of about an hour.

Also, second forewarning of the episode: I was so ticked I didn’t even both to edit it. Seriously. Curious what a completely unedited recording sounds like? Well, you’ll only hear 72% of it, but there is way too much that should have been on the cutting room floor, TJ’s potty mouth, and Jenna’s kids drawing actual blood… for real.

Sorry folks.

One thought on “AS 506 : The Episode with a Decent Message but the Worst Audio in America

  1. So catching up on podcasts but I have the opposite problem than you. I play clarinet and I am having a hard time with teaching flute online. I can talk my way through clarinet but not flute. Do you have any pointers or tips to help me?

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