AS 603 : Hand & Head Position

In this episode we talk about checkpoints we should all be watching for not only in our beginner classes but with our advanced kids as well.

In this episode we talk about a bass clarinet neck you can buy to recreate the angle of a regular clarinet on the bass. The one we referenced is called the Charles Bay neck. A quick search on Google tells me they are not as easy to come by as they were 10 years ago, but I also found there are a number of alternative necks available that mean the similar goal.

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AS 601 : F’ing Around (the room)

In this episode we discuss the many delights of Concert F as a tool in your band hall and many of the ways you would hear this tool utilized daily with our own students.

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AS 214 : Beginner Fundamentals Timeline

In this episode we talk about what beginner fundamentals we are focusing on this semester and planning when to approach them with each of our classes.

Fundamentals to be addressed:

  • scales
  • dynamics
  • staccato
  • legato
  • vibrato
  • tuning
  • trombone slurs
  • Remingtons
  • enharmonics
  • new rule (stagger breathing)
  • range extension
  • recognizing keys
  • 2 count breaths

AS 124 : Success Through Accountability

This episode is a recording of our TMEA 2017 clinic entitled Success Through Accountability. We talk about specific methods we use to approach accountability with our own kids and how individual skill leads to program success. You can find the YouTube video from the actual presentation below.

Beginning Band Band Entry Checklist

SB Entry Checklist


7th Practice Sheet

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Practice Guide