AS 006 : Post UIL Breakdown

On March 9th and 10th, Alex and Jenna’s respective bands went to UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest. Both bands did a fabulous job. Alex’s band played “Forward March”, “Storm Mountain Jubilee”, and “Phantom Ship.” Jenna’s performed “Alamo March”, “Broken Bow”, and “Moscow, 1941.”

Sitting in our office decompressing, Jenna and Alex had many thoughts on what brought their bands to this point this year and where they will be pushing their kids for the spring concert. While the kids might see the spring concert as their final concert of the year, we see it as the building blocks for next year’s bands.

AS 005 : UIL WEEK!

This week is UIL week for non-varsity bands in Region 26. Alex and Jenna have 2 and 3 rehearsals left respectively before performing, and deciding how to best use that time is sometimes not the easiest decision.

Both are pushing tempo, tempo, tempo with a side of sightreading. Jenna’s band in particular is very young, so “playing the game” is still a new concept.

Darcy’s band doesn’t going to UIL until April 1st, so her band is at a very different point in preparation. In these last few rehearsals before spring break the goal is cleaning… tedious, time consuming, and necessary.