AS 007 : What Would I Tell First Year Me?

Having a student teacher on campus brings to mind all of the lessons a new teacher still has to learn, lessons that most often can only be learned from making their own mistakes.

As the three of us talked, classroom management and injecting your specific personality into your teaching style were the major themes. Finding a balance in front of your kids is something that takes experimentation and is constantly evolving. I certainly don’t teach anything like first year me, and that is a good thing in more ways than one.

AS 002 : Classroom Management

Amongst the flurry of feedback we got from our TMEA rhythm clinic was an email from a young teacher asking how I kept control of my classes when I teach with such high energy.

The three of us have wildly contrasting personalities and teacher personas, so it is logical that we all handle our classes slightly different styles, all while keeping the same tone to our band program.

There is a fabulously ridiculous, completely non sequitur part of our conversation that was edited out for time (and topic), and you’ll be able to download that just for fun episode to be entitled “Habanero vs. Habanera” very soon.