A podcast about band? Super nerdy…

Several weeks ago it occurred to me how lucky I am to be surrounded every day by my BBFFs (best band friends & family) – our band staff, lesson teachers, high school directors, etc – and that some of our best practices come from bouncing ideas off one another in those few minutes between classes or after sectionals.

I certainly haven’t always been a part of such an awesome band community, and I know there are lots of directors out there that don’t spend their days amidst a bevy of band buddies. Especially as a young teacher, I would have enjoyed and benefited so much from listening in on the kinds of conversations I now get to have multiple times every day.

And so After Sectionals was born.

Sometimes impromptu, sometimes planned, we record when things are fresh on our minds: after sectionals… and on the rare occasion that we have a few quiet minutes between classes.

Now take a few minutes and meet our staff: Darcy – the hyper-caffeinated, Jenna – Ms. Glitter and Unicorns, and Alex – Air Ortega.

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