2 thoughts on “AS 120 : New Year’s Band Resolutions

  1. Dave Ramsey (and my wife) saved me from financial ruin. Do it. Just do it.

    My new year’s resolution – in the word’s of Dave Ramsey – is to K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, Stupid). Implementing your method has already put my mind at ease. I don’t feel the need to keep my disgustingly huge and disorganized mess of music theory materials. In fact, I started dumbing it down today. That’s the first time ALL YEAR that I’ve been able to do that during my prep. Most of the time, I spend it beating my head against the wall, wondering why rhythms have been slow to learn.

    I also plan to initiate more conversation with the directors at the other two middle schools in my district.

    I was even telling a friend of mine that I might actually have some moments to start a regular personal practice regimen again. Never thought I’d think about seeing the day.

    Your podcast is a continual breath of fresh air. Hope you guys have a great January and beyond.


    1. I whole heartedly agree – DAVE IS THE WAY! I am so glad you are having luck with some of the stuff we do, Jeff. 🙂 Keep in touch, and if we can aim an episode at a topic you’d like to specifically hear about, we’ll do our best!

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