3 thoughts on “AS 137 : Teaching Rhythm Logically

  1. Thank you so much for putting this program on paper. I am a young teacher and have developed a lot of my teaching strategies on “common sense” (logic). I have been meaning to figure out a way to explain rhythm in a simple, organic way that children can understand. Then I came across this through BDG. I just started using this program with immediate results so far!

    I look forward to more podcasts. Keep fighting the good fight!

    P.s. just so you know, my exuberance is off the charts and I wish the text could reflect that.

  2. Hello!

    I was interested to know if I could have a copy of your rhythm charts. I am an assistant director in Missouri and I would like to revamp our approach in teaching rhythm. I greatly appropriate your time

    1. Hi Andrew. This might sound terrible, but I’m not sending out the rhythm stuff anymore. They are included in the full Teaching Rhythm Logically method that you can find at http://www.teachingrhythmlogically.com. If you decide start using TRL with your program, please let me know how your kids take to it! 🙂

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